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ServiceCore's new Pro Plan includes everything you enjoy today plus:

Sending texts with driver ETAs Reports like driver productivity A Customer Portal
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Your customer gets a text message notifying them that your driver is on the way. And that’s not all. You can automatically send texts when:

bullet-point The job is scheduled
bullet-point The job is completed
bullet-point Your driver can’t service the unit (locked gates, etc.)
bullet-point And more
eta text square


When your business gets more complex, figuring out what to do next can be tough. Think of our new reports as your crystal ball. They give you the confidence you need to make smart decisions for your business on areas like:

bullet-point Driver productivity
bullet-point Inventory utilization
bullet-point Rental rate analysis
bullet-point Route profitability
bullet-point And many more
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Your customer decides they want to order additional services in the middle of the night. Instead of calling you, they log into their customer portal and request the service themselves. They can also:

bullet-point Request rentals
bullet-point Pay their bill
bullet-point And more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ServiceCore's Pro Plan and my current one?

Both ServiceCore plans (Start and Pro) include features to simplify:

  • Customer and Job Management
  • Billing and Account Receivables
  • Schedule, Routing, and Dispatching
  • Mobile Driver App
  • Inventory Management
  • Standard Reports

ServiceCore's Pro Plan includes additional tools that turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to exceed expectations and build trust:

  • Customer Portal
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Pro Reports
What is a customer portal and why do I need one?

In the Customer Portal, customers can:

  • Request New Rentals
  • Submit Service Requests
  • Make Payments

All of this saves time for both parties, ensures efficient scheduling of services, and contributes to increased revenue for your business.

What types of text messages can I send?

ServiceCore allows you to send four different job-related text messages to your site contacts:

  1. Driver ETA
  2. Job Scheduled
  3. Job Complete
  4. Job Incomplete
What is 10DLC and why does it matter?

10DLC compliance is a regulatory requirement for businesses that use local phone numbers for sending automated text messages to their customers. Basically, it requires businesses to use a special type of phone number called a ‘10 Digit Long Code' for sending messages. Not following 10DLC can result in your messages being marked as spam or blocked by carriers.

ServiceCore manages the 10DLC registration process on your behalf to ensure your business is able to legally send messages through ServiceCore.

How are Pro Reports better than the Standard Reports I use today?

Rather than spending your valuable time exporting and manipulating data in spreadsheets, you can now use Pro Report capabilities to copy and fully customize any of your ServiceCore reports to remove unnecessary fields, so you're only seeing exactly what you need to in any situation.

You can also schedule reports to be sent out at specific times (i.e. weely) or based on certain conditions (i.e. when an invoice >$1k becomes past due), so you never miss critical business opportunities.

What new reports are included in Pro Plan?

In addition to the added functionality described above, ServiceCore's Pro Plan includes these advanced reports:

  • Aging by Site
  • Driver Productivity
  • Route Profitability
  • Rental Rate Analysis
  • Revenue Insights
  • Revenue by Site/Market Type
  • Text Messaging Enrollment
How can I learn more or upgrade to ServiceCore's Pro Plan?

The best way to learn more, or upgrade your plan, is to fill out the form at the top of this page.

We're excited to show you how ServiceCore's Pro Plan can help you be #BetterThanTheBest with tools that turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to exceed expectations and build trust.